Serious Story, Silly Voice – January 7th, 2016 – Them Pesky Prizes

The News. A Ridiculous Voice. They fight crime.

Today ISIS thwarted in Paris – YAY! Snow Day for kids in Arizona – Yay? And some guy wins ALL THE PRIZES. Yay.


Serious Story, Silly Voice – Jan, 5 2016 – Bread Drunk

One man’s quest to read the news in as many goofy voices as he can.

Today – FBI Needs your help, Woman gets super drunk without a drink, and the beginnings of “The Boss.”


Serious Story, Silly Voice – Jan 4, 2016

Every day, we strive to bring you the important headlines, in a comical voice.   Today we find out which Territory became a State on this day in history, Why anti-violence protesters are beating each other up, and how Newton got his hair so rich. Think he uses something? I’ll bet he’s using something.

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